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Is Seeing An Escort An Affair?

Is Seeing An Escort An Affair?

Why It’s Not As Clear Cut As You Might Think

Seeing an escort doesn’t need to mean you’re having an affair. In fact, it’s a much better option for both men and their partners.

Choosing to see an escort is a big step, but for men already in a relationship it can be a monumental decision. Lots of gentleman ask themselves the same question – is seeing an escort the same as having an affair? Now no two relationships are the same, and the reasons for hiring an escort will vary from man to man. So making the sweeping generalisation that seeing an escort equates to having an affair doesn’t help anyone. Here are circumstances where they’re very different.

Meeting a need

For many men who are away from home for a long time, hiring an escort is simply a way for him to fulfil a simple urge. Many gentlemen who are in long-term relationships see escorts with their other half’s blessing. That may be hard for some people to believe, but you’d be surprised! Women know that regular intimacy is vital for men, and hiring an escort is safe and convenient. Open relationships like this are becoming much more common, and men who see escorts are less likely to have an affair with another woman.

Nights with couples

Many couples will hire an escort to help them spice up their love lives. Lots of the best escorts in the capital are bisexual, and they’re the perfect people to help a couple rediscover the passion in their relationship. No matter how far things progress with an escort, a couple will be sharing and benefiting from the experience together. Now, that doesn’t sound like cheating to us.

A platonic date

For some men there is nothing physical about their appointments with an escort. Many men are just looking for simple companionship, and hire an escort as someone to talk to and pass the time with. If a man is travelling away on business and his partner can’t accompany him, then an escort is the perfect alternative. Whether it’s a dinner date or a business event, many nights with escorts are totally platonic.

Casual, no-strings fun

For many people, it’s the emotional attachment rather than a physical act that turns an encounter into an affair. Well, there’s no danger of that with an escort. Escorts put a huge amount of effort into their work and always leave a client satisfied – but it’s strictly professional. A night with an escort is almost always a no strings attached encounter, with both parties walking away happy and leaving it there.

Book with a top agency

If you are going to indulge in a night with an escort, always hire yours from an agency. La Belle Affaire are the leading escort agency in London, and they only recruit the most beautiful, talented girls. You can trust them to process your booking securely and for them to never pass your details on. Your escort will act with the utmost discretion too. So you will be able to keep your appointment under wraps if you so wish.

Hiring an escort could work for you

A gentleman seeing an escort doesn’t need to signal the end of a relationship. As you’ve seen here, there are numerous circumstances where a night with an escort doesn’t equate to an affair at all. Of course, each couple is different – and some are much more open minded than others. So if hiring an escort will work for you and your partner, go ahead and pick up the phone!

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