What to Do and What Not to Do with Your Escort

What to Do and What Not to Do with Your Escort

So your escort from www.ddlondonescorts.co.uk has arrived, the fee has been paid, they have made their security call and you are both getting on great and feeling relaxed and comfortable.

So far so good.

What to do with your escort

Whatever you do don’t try it on to fast, do not be too “hands on” (literally) or grabby, and don’t try to be kissy, it may make your escort feel very uncomfortable and ruin the ambience. Make it as natural as possible and allow things to progress in due course. Do make sure your personal hygiene is spot on, as mentioned previously your escort may ask you to shower once they arrive, even if you had one just before.

Get regular sexual health check ups, although the majority of escorts will require you (and provide) condoms, it doesn’t hurt to have some handy. Don’t be put off if your escort seems to be scrutinising ‘your bits’ all they are doing is performing a basic health check to make sure all seems good down there, they are not judging you! In fact, if they are professional (which most high class escorts are) you will probably not even notice them doing this.

Safe sex is important so it is always worth getting regular check ups, just to make sure nothing scary or untoward is going on down there. Escorts always get regular check ups and most will insist on you wearing a condom, even for oral. However it is especially fun when they put it on for you (this is normally the time they  are up close and personal and perform their health check) it is pretty standard procedure.

Always be polite and friendly with your escort, if they ask you to go gentler (or indeed harder) then do so, they are there to have fun too!

If it is your first time and you are a bit unsure if it is okay to do something, don’t hesitate to ask, in fact asking is pretty sexy, things like, “is it okay if I touch you here?” or “can I go down on you?” always respect and follow their answer and be attentive to your escorts wishes. With the majority of escorts, unless specified in their bio, anal is a no no, however if you don’t ask you don’t get – so don’t not be afraid to ask questions, because rest assured your escort will probably be asking you some too – we are not mind readers! So ask away and have fun!

Also don’t worry if you don’t cum, and don’t worry if it is your first time and you don’t get hard! Despite what the majority of men say, this happens more often then you think, your escort will understand and not judge or laugh or belittle you, don’t worry about it and just carry on doing what feels good.


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