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Why Government Ban on Escort Websites Will Be a Disaster

Why Government Ban on Escort Websites Will Be a Disaster

A Move Than Puts Both Escorts and Clients at Risk

The Government are making a noble effort to crack down on crime, but banning escort websites is a step in the wrong direction.

If you use the internet to find the best Escorts London has to offer, then you’ll want to listen up. A group of MPs want to place an outright ban on websites advertising adult work, in a move that would echo the USA. This would be disastrous for both escorts and their clients. Fortunately, a group of campaigners are hoping to save the day.

The MP’s proposal

A cross-party group of MPs recently argued that websites where adult workers can advertise their services were merely a smokescreen for illegal activities such as human slavery and sex trafficking. They said that the owners of these sites go on to profit from these awful acts. They called for an outright ban on these sites, much like the one recently put into place in the USA. They also argued that a small number of sites were dominating the field.

The activists’ response

Not everyone is in agreement with those MPs. Three organisations – Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement, the English Collective of Prostitutes, and the xTalk collective – said that an outright ban on sites advertising adult work would be catastrophic.  They said that such a move would make it much harder for escorts to screen clients. They argued for more leniency instead, citing New Zealand’s 2003 Prostitution Reform Act. 90% of NZ escorts said decriminalisation gave them more employment, legal and safety rights.

Not all escorts are coerced

Those campaigning against changes to the law also say that the information given regarding trafficking is false. Most women are not forced into adult work, and do so out of their own choice. ‘Anti-trafficking’ efforts usually end up with migrant sex workers being singled out for arrest and deportation. It could be argued that if the UK was more welcoming to those in need, they wouldn’t fall into the hands of traffickers in the first place.

Forcing escorts onto the streets

Taking sites advertising adult workers could force those workers onto the street. Advertising online allows an escort to pick and choose clients without having to leave their home or business premises. If that was taken away from them, they may have to turn to kerb-crawling. Not only could this land them in trouble with the authorities, but it puts them at risk of assault and robbery too.

Could escort agencies be affected?

This proposed ban could be bad news for escort agencies too. If they can’t advertise online, there is no way that they could guarantee the safety of their escorts. It would make life a lot harder for clients too, who wouldn’t be able to have any kind of reassurance before booking. It would be a shame to see genuine, reputable agencies affected by this senseless ban. The majority of agencies only hire girls who are legally allowed to be employed in the field, and often offer services such as massage and simple companionship.

Change is needed, but not this

We all want to make the world a safer place, but banning escort websites would endanger those who are already vulnerable. Only by legalising sex work and including escorts in the discussions surrounding their rights will we come a solution that really does work for everyone. So rather than cracking down on escorts, let’s do all we can to raise them up instead.

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